Empowering Students to See a Possible Future & the Tools to Obtain It! 

A Reason to Survive (ARTS) is committed to mentoring the creative and personal development of our students. We provide one-on-one mentorships, portfolio development, counseling, as well as internships and paid apprenticeships through ARTS Enterprises ©. We truly believe that creativity is an asset all youth should have entering this creative economy. We are dedicated to building the creative capital of our youth through this program to prepare them for a brighter future.

Meet Moises:

Moises first joined ARTS as a student in the Inspire program. Overtime Moises has found multiple mediums for creative expressions including; writing, poetry, multi-media, performing arts, and photography.

Creative and Career Manager, Melinda Cooper found that Moises was a very enthusiastic learner and would be a great candidate for the Empower program. Her mentoring has lead Moises to a paid apprenticeship,which will include a leadership position within the Media Arts Department.

We are honored that Moises shared this poem with us:

Lost in the Urbane
They say loneliness is the worst thing you could ever experience.
In some aspects that might be true.
I feel the beauty of everything comes out more often than not –
to experience something that is there without the interference of others:
the trees, the breeze, the urban landscape that is lost in all that lasts.
You can find yourself lost more often than not if you let yourself in.
– Moises