Local Peacemaker Honoree

ARTS, an organization based in National City, is dedicated to helping youth cope with grief,
anger and hopelessness through arts-based programming. Depicted in a 2013 Academy
Award winning documentary, ARTS provides a safe haven that keeps kids away from gangs,
drugs and other violent activities, giving them A Reason To Survive.

About The Awards

NCRC believes that those who have the courage and perseverance to collaborate with others
and make notable progress toward a more civil society deserve recognition. Since the first
Peacemaker Awards in 1989, NCRC has celebrated the accomplishments of many
individuals and organizations for their ability to recognize a need for change, then craft a
positive solution to the issue. NCRC has given awards to deserving recipients ranging from
well known elected officials and public figures to reformed gang members and tattoo artists.

Knowing that peacemaking happens in a variety of ways, NCRC celebrates both large and
small acts of successful conflict management. By publicly acknowledging and celebrating
these outstanding individuals and organizations, NCRC hopes the Peacemaker Awards will
broadcast far and wide that there is hope for change and we must always strive to find
positive solutions to conflict and violence.

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