Happy Thanksgiving from ARTS

A Note of Gratitude

We are thankful for all of the members of the ARTS family!Our Students – who inspire us every day with their creativity, resilience, and tenacity
Our Staff – for their passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the students
Our Volunteers – who give so selflessly of their time to bring smiles and joy to our students
Our Donors – who generously contribute to help us achieve our mission and vision
Our Partners – who collaborate to deepen the impact and experiences for our students in a variety of waysAt ARTS we have an attitude of gratitude for all the members of the ARTS family. It’s the PEOPLE that make the magic happen at ARTS – all of us play an integral role in making the “ARTS Experience” so impactful on the students we serve. Thank you for the role you play in transforming the lives of youth through the arts and creativity!

ARTS Center Campus
Saturday December 12th
Come celebrate with us and enjoy:
~ Public art unveiling
~ ARTS Marketplace with one of a kind holiday gifts
~ Free art workshops
~ Delicious food from Guerrero food truck
~ Performances by Art of Elan, ARTS Ensemble, ARTS Rock Band and trancenDANCE

Please consider making a tax-deductible year-end donation today, so we can continue to provide healing, inspiring and empowering arts programs.

Thank you for your gracious support.

Happy Thanksgiving from your ARTS family!