Become a MUSE donor

What if you could make your donation go further?

When you become a MUSE monthly donor, you can:

  • Ensure more of your money goes to supporting ARTS’ mission by lowering costs
  • Support young people through the arts without a big one-time hit to your wallet
  • Reduce the mailings you receive from us

Make a difference every month
in the lives of creative youth in National City

  • $9/month gives 15 young people the opportunity to work side-by-side with a professional artist during a Saturday Guest Artist Workshop.
  • $19/month provides 40 young people with a chance to experience a potentially life-changing field trip to an art institution in San Diego County.
  • $49/month ensures that 5 art classes will be fully stocked with supplies for an entire year.
  • $99/month funds a Teaching Artist position for an entire semester.


Contact Jena Olson, Director of Development at (619) 297-2787 ext. 2010 or

Thank you for your support!