Americans For The Arts: Meet The Arts Education Network Team

Matt D’Arrigo

Founder and CEO, A Reason To Survive | ARTS

Matt D’Arrigo is Founder and CEO of A Reason To Survive | ARTS, a nationally recognized non-profit agency dedicated to changing the life trajectory of youth facing adversity through the arts andcreativity. In addition to national media coverage, D’Arrigo’s work has been the subject of the Academy Award winning documentary “Inocente”, featured in the New York Times bestselling book “Decisive” by Chip and Dan Heath, and profiled in Darius Graham’s book “Being the Difference: True Stories of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things to Change the World”. D’Arrigo also speaks, advocates, and advises on arts education, the use of the arts as a prevention and intervention vehicle, the power and importance of creativity, and starting and leading non-profits. D’Arrigo lives in San Diego with his wife, Hulya, and children Tessa and Andrew.

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