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The ARTS Faire

The ARTS Faire opened its doors over 300 people on Saturday, June 8th 2016. This biannual showcase highlighted the artwork and performances ARTS students have been working on since January. It was a vibrant reflection of their prolonged dedication.
This successful Faire was a product of constant involvement throughout the process by our students, from basic assembly of the event to editing and selecting which artwork to display. At every stage of production, our students showed up with enthusiasm and creativity. The results were truly awesome!
The ARTS Faire was an excellent representation of our students’ dedication to their craft. The sense of ownership they take in making this event one of a kind is obvious upon walking into each space. Unique culminating events such as the ARTS Faire are made possible by the dedicated volunteers who are constantly available to assist us.
Visit our YouTube page to see a performance from the event: 

Paradise Creek Educational Gathering Place

ARTS, in collaboration with community members and the City of National City, created an educational gateway overlooking Paradise Creek, at the Southeast entrance of Kimball Park. Earlier this April, the community came together to help come up with a design for the project.

We had nearly 30 community members contribute their ideas! For 3 days after that, a team of local designers and artists worked all day to develop a design for the project, based on those ideas.The final design and build took 4 days to complete, with over 100 participating volunteers from the community.

Volunteers participated in following Art Projects: Painting an artistic representation of the stormwater and tidal flow on the concrete walkway; Building Up-cycled benches from recycled concrete materials; Creating artistic signage teaching visitors about storm water; Planting native and drought tolerant plants; Installing artistic Sculptural Elements; Landscaping: creating seating nooks and overlooks by artistically placing rocks, boulders and mulch. It was a blast and we look forward to the next one!

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