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Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego Review

A few weeks ago, the empower kids and I went on a field trip to the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Downtown San Diego. I don’t visit many museum but I do know a little about contemporary art. Contemporary art is art produced at the present period in time. I have seen different styles of this art but not in the form that was first presented to us. The first artist was a man who used to paint, then went to India, saw these pretty textile carpets and brought them to the museum to call them art.

Our tour guide that day asked us how we felt about him not making these carpets but still calling them his art and that it was art. Most of the empower students agreed that it wasn’t art and most definitely not his. We then started to talk about what was art and who got to say what was art and not. It messed with my head for a while but I finally figured it out. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Art is my reason to keep pushing for my dreams. The empower students and I may have not thought it was art and that he shouldn’t take credit but the next person that enters in the museum may think it’s wonderful art and want to buy carpet. I don’t think it’s up to any one so I shouldn’t judge this guy.

All and all it was a good trip and we all had fun.