Meet the ARTS staff, a team of passionate Creative Youth Development professionals, dedicated to using art to improve the lives of National City youth, their families, and the community

James Halliday

Executive Director

(619) 297-2787 Ext. 2001

Nadia Nunez

Community ARTS Manager

(619) 297-2787 Ext. 2016

Linda Fisher-Dubois

Finance & Operations Coordinator

(619) 297-2787 Ext. 2015

Albert Songalia

ARTS After School Coordinator

Luis Velez

Volunteer Lead

Chris Schaie

Maker Workshop Lead

ARTS Teaching Artists and Support Staff

Rob Tobin

Teaching Artist

Catherine Coppenrath

Teaching Artist

Christina Chomut

Teaching Artist

Diego Rodriguez

Teaching Artist

Angela Santora

Teaching Artist

David (“Deejay”) Rich

Teaching Artist